The Tree of Life (2011): Film Trivia

Two Ways Through Life - The Tree of Life (2011) Film Enthusiast

IMDB Trivia – The Tree of Life (2011)

  • The criticJim Emersongot word of whatTerrence Malickintended the sequence of dinosaurs to mean, by way of the visual effects supervisor in charge of that very sequence who isMichael L. Fink. Emerson describes what he learned from Fink; “The premise of the four-shot scene was to depict the birth of consciousness (what some have called the “birth of compassion”)-the first moment in which a living creature made a conscious decision to choose what Michael described as “right from wrong, good from evil.” Or, perhaps, a form of altruism over predatory instinct”.

  • The butterfly that landed on Mrs. O’Brien’s (Jessica Chastain) hands was not CG but a real one. One morning while both Chastain andBrad Pittwere rehearsing,Terrence Malickspotted it flying around. He got the crew and Chastain following it three blocks of…

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