Rare Screenshots from The Tree of Life Extended Cut (2018) Part IV

The add-ons around Jack give a deeper understanding to his recalcitrance, and new footage has him ending up at a private school far from home, lending his journey a more satisfying arc.

-Ed Gonzalez and Niles Schwartz of Slant Magazine

The hope becomes the troubled boy can find love, hope, and his path at boarding school, away from his father.

– Chris O’Falt of IndieWire.com

8 thoughts on “Rare Screenshots from The Tree of Life Extended Cut (2018) Part IV

    1. Agreed. Yes, it’s The Criterion Collection that came out in September of 2018. There was an added 50 minutes of footage. Terrence Malick said that it is not a director’s cut, but rather a different version. Enjoy!


      1. I will definitely make sure to check it out then. Thanks again! And I love that you have an entire blog dedicated to The Tree of Life. If any movie deserves it, then you definitely picked the right one haha

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      2. Thanks, Luke. I’ll check out your page and review. I’ve watched Moonlight and it was certainly a unique film.

        Another film, We the Animals reminded me of a blend of both Malick’s TOL and Moonlight. The trailer is powerful.

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      3. I’m also from Dallas, lived in Waco for 2 years, and have been to Austin and Houston frequently so I really appreciate that you have all the filming locations and everything


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